"Ender Bender is a highly addictive sonic stimulant designed in an audio lab somewhere in Europe."

This was the original concept that Eddie Olguin ran with when, like an epiphany, he had the vision for Ender Bender.

Ender Bender’s sole purpose is to make perfect modern pop rock and although nothing in life is perfect, it is the pursuit of this perfect sound that fuels the Ender Bender fire.

Eddie was an artist and a small business owner in Los Angeles.  After having the Ender Bender ‘vision”, one night in a hospital in Glendale CA (literally facing death), Eddie decided that he had to cut ties with the artistic quagmire that is Los Angeles and all its demons.  The Universe, in all its giving glory, soon after, opened the doors for Eddie to relocate to Rome Italy in the name of love, sanity and, in this case, in the name of music.

Not looking for a scene, but simply in need of a certain energy and feeling, Rome proved to be the perfect place for Eddie to create and bring to fruition Ender Bender.

Listen/Fall in love/Sing along/Reminisce/Think of the future/Live in the now/All at once… Ender Bender