"​Ender Bender excites me to no end. ...the sound that pops out of your speakers is the stuff that 1980s futuristic cyberpunk movies promised us that music would be like in the 2020s. It's dirty, vulgar, and glowing like neon in a thunderous storm, as if it was crafted for the speech Rutger Hauer gives at the end of Blade Runner. His debut single "Star Killer" oozes with personality and sexual tension, and it's a surefire badass way of giving us a preview of his debut EP EQ (out later this Spring)!​"-  Boston Bastard Brigade

Have a Good Time single: "Joyous, infectious, fun"" –  Dancing About Archtecture

"A banging synth beat takes you on a glittering trip from the get-go. Its catchy and highly vibey resonance will impact your body's moves instantly. Spiced with dreamy polyphonic vocals there's nothing that will stop you from moving in mysterious ways on the dance floor. Sounds like Sisters Of Mercy going disco, both darksome and elevating."- ​ Turn Up the Volume

"Star Killer...  With a rapture level electro grab to the nostalgia strings, the energy let loose at this level of beats per minute gives the tingles to the synth-pop senses with a droning electro-hook with hints of retro-rock done" –  Jammerzine

Bewildered single: "A feel-good easy-going lovestruck offering." –  The Record Stache

Ender Bender (a.k.a. Eddie Olguin) drops his new video and single tomorrow (April 17th, 2020) titled ‘Honey Lavender Girl’. the track is ‘retrotastic’ in that it has that beautiful summer vibe that brings me back to the summer of ’84 with the bright pastels coming through the speakers and the oversized neon shoelaces giving me goosebumps through the hook. A little mainstream Bowie within the vocals, this nouveau take on new wave noir is a fresh start for the new decade, which may have gotten off to a bad start, but Ender Bender is one of the artists that can bring us back into our musical ‘happy place’, and that is a good thing.-​  Jammerzine

New Era (EP): "...if ever there was going to be a party to celebrate the end being in sight, Ender bender would be the main attraction. His music exudes natural good time vibes, it is escapist and expansive, it is infectious and accessible, it is fresh and fun but also loaded with familiarity."  –  The Swindonian

Have a Good Time single: "Imagine a fantastic cocktail of ’80s bands led by Human League set in the 2020s and Ender Bender is what you would get and why not? Such a gift to retro-styled dance pop / synthwave lovers." –  The Big Takeover Magazine song premiere for Have a Good Time

​Right away this music grabs you. The catchy synth patterning immediately makes you want to dance, summoning a feeling of 80s nostalgia and innocence – like cruising around with the music full-blast when your parents lent you their car. This is a fantasy sonic cocktail of Thompson Twins and Romeo Void mixed with Human League" –  Big Takeover Magazine

Have a Good Time single: "Something of a Travel." –  Wono Magazine (Holland)

Have a Good Time single: "A sure fire Sumer synth-pop hit." –  The Swindonian